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About Gold Mineralisations

The most important areas for gold mining in Finland are located in eastern Finland along the Archaean greenstone belt where Endomines’ Karelian Gold Line is situated, in Lapland along the Paleoproterozoic greenstone belt and in the central and southern Finland along the Svecofennian schist belt. More than 180 recognised gold deposits exist in these areas.

In the Precambrian shield area there are four main types of gold deposits to discern: mesothermal - especially the kinds that are related to shear zones -, complex massive sulphide ores, FeOx-Cu-Au deposits as well as fossile placers in conglomerate.


Different types of identified gold mineralisations in Finland. Source: Eilu, P., Sorjonen-Ward, P., Nurmi, P. & Niiranen, T. 2003. A review of gold mineralization styles in Finland. Econ. Geol. 98, 1329-1354.

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