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Business Concept

Endomines’ business concept is to develop and extract gold and ilmenite deposits to economically profitable mines with a primary focus on the Pampalo Mine and other gold deposits along the Karelian Gold Line.

Objectives and Vision

The business concept of Endomines is to develop profitable gold and ilmenite deposits, primarily in Finland, and after the exploration phase, to move to actual industrial mining production. The company will initially prioritise the gold production.

Endomines vision is to participate in the future structural transformation and consolidation of the Nordic mining industry. The Company may therefore be involved in acquisitions of interesting deposits or companies, should such opportunities arise.

Business environment for mining

The prerequisites for exploration and development of ore deposits in Finland are good. The infrastructure is well developed, the political environment is stable, and it is possible to obtain concessions for large areas. In Finland today, there is exploration for gold, platinum, base metals, diamonds, uranium and industrial minerals.     

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