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The exploration and mining operations have inevitable effects on the environment. Endomines’ environmental work is based on limiting these effects as much as possible.

The Company pursues to minimise the environmental effects of its mining avtivities. In an early stage it starts the dialogue with the people living in the area and the environmental authorities involved. Before the exploration can be started, the Company always applies for an exploration licence from the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. In addition, the landowners are being informed about the planned work and compensation principles of the possible damages.

Before any further exploration and development efforts, the Company consults the environmental authorities and pays attention to the possible environmental protection matters. At this stage the Company contacts the environment unit of the municipality and the directly involved landowners to gain viewpoints of how the damages should be avoided. Endomines’ ambition is to follow the ethical rules that the mining industry recommends for its member companies.

Sustainable Development

Minerals and metals are necessary in a modern and well-functioning society. Metals are manufactured from ore and they are recyclable in a continuing circulation. Endomines shall work on sustainable development as well as for an effective and in long-term balanced economizing energy and natural resources, with attention to people, economy, and society as a whole.

Good Working Environment

Endomines shall aim at a good, safe and stimulating working environment. It will operate according to the programme it has established for controlling and improving the working environment.

Nature Conservation Work

In the mining activity the area is taken into use and changed permanently. Endomines shall actively work for the protection of the surroundings and consider the environmental aspects in every decision including the whole life cycle of the mining project, from exploring and extracting to close down and post-treatment. The following actions shall be based on considering what is environmentally justified, technically possible, and economically reasonable. Endomines shall work systematically with the programme for planning, realising, following, and improving the Company’s nature conservation work.

Risk Perspective

Endomines shall control safety and environmental matters from a risk perspective. The Company shall identify and pay attention to the risks of environmental interference and accidents which might effect on people and environment so that the preventing actions could be taken.

Open and Objective Information

Endomines shall openly and objectively inform the employees, general public, and authorities of the Company’s activity. Besides the exploration work, the Company has taken a special responsibility to actively communicate with the landowners, authorities and other stakeholders.

Exploration with Respect to the Interests of the Landowners

Endomines shall run all the exploration with concern to the environment and respect to the interests of the landowners.


Endomines shall effect on the contractors working with Endomines so that they will follow the Company’s environmental policy.

Development and Education

Endomines shall take care that the employees are given the appropriate education to increase the competense and motivation fulfilling the Company’s established environmental policy.

The Company shall act for the research and development which promote exploration industry and current environmental policy. Endomines shall systematically work to steadily improve the current environmental policy. The aim for this work shall be reviewed by the changing needs and authorised demands.